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Breakfast and Overnight/Third-Shift Catering

All breakfast/third-shift/overnight/holiday orders require a minimum of 20 people to serve and a $30 convenience fee.


Feeds MINIMUM and up to 20 people.

The Breakfast Platter

-Assortment of breakfast burritos, salsa, and pastries.
-Starbucks coffee available for purchase at $48.
-Feeds minimum and up to 20 people.


Third-Shift/Overnight Platter

-Assortment of Italian Grinders, Cowboy Grinders, Muffalettas, Cubanos, and Vegan Hoagies.
-Assorted snack cakes provided.
-Assorted chips provided.
-Feeds minimum and up to 20 people.
-Energy drinks available for $4 a person.


Starbucks Coffee

Hot starbucks coffee.


Energy Drink (per person)

Energy drinks, per person.


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